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Stand-up comedians and amateur beauty historians, Electra Telesford & Norah Yahya breakdown the history of beauty trends from ancient to present day. Follow them both on social media, IG: Electra_Telly & @MissYahya

The Bearded Ladies


Electra Telesford

Electra Telesford is a comedian that hails from Brooklyn New York. She is known for her ultra-quick quips and astute, absurdist, observational humor that focuses on intersectional identities. She has been featured in the Women In Comedy Festival: Presented by HBO. She has also written for Marsai Martin's Tiny Talk Show on Quibi.

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Norah Yahya

Norah Yahya is an upcoming comedian and producer in New York City. Originally hailing from DC, she has performed at Gotham Comedy Club, Carolines and various shows around New York City drawing inspiration from her crazy, character-filled family; and all things current, feminine, and political. She runs a show at The Stand called Two Bearded Ladies

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