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Two Bearded Ladies Podcast


Episode 1  - Depilatory Creams

In this episode, our hilarious hosts, Electra Telesford and Norah Yahya discuss the history of depilatory creams; their personal histories with the products and the hazardous side-effects. If you've ever used Nair or Veet, this episode is for you!


Episode 2 - Toxic Makeup

The Two Bearded Ladies, Norah Yahya & Electra Telesford, sit down to discuss the history of toxic makeup. From the use of arsenic in the 1500s to carcinogenic parabens found in todays beauty products, the ladies hilariously discuss how far we all go for beauty.


Episode 3 - Blackfishing

The ladies sit down to discuss Blackfishing, non-black women pretending to be Black online for social clout and financial gain!


Episode 4 - Bellies, Corsets, and Waist Trainers

Our favorite Two Bearded Ladies sit down to talk about the history of corsets! From their rise in Europe to their presence on social media, today. Norah recounts her experience using a waist trainer & detox teas while Electra still has some doubts. Do they really work? Why do Spanx always roll down? The ladies snatch history in another great episode!


Episode 5 - Hairy History of Us 

In this episode hosts, Norah Yahya & Electra Telesford sit down to discuss their personal histories with body hair.


Episode 6 - Eyebrows

Norah Yahya & Electra Telesford take a deep dive into the history of eyebrows! From ancient Egyptian's obsession with looking like gods to the "eyebrow wigs" made of mice pelts in the victorian era. The ladies also jump into the eyebrow trends that popped off from the creation of social media. 




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